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What Is Kinetic Grappling

Welcome to Kinetic Grappling!!! We are here to provide world class martial arts to the College Station and Bryan area. We offer Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, wrestling, and MMA classes for all ages and levels. Our instructors are here not only to teach you the skills you need to succeed in the sport, but also to help you grow as an individual. We pride ourselves on offering a service that will help you achieve all of your goals in martial arts.. Whether you want to get in great shape, make new friends, or learn self-defense, we're here for you! We constantly push to improve and get better every day. We are passionate about our craft and as a result, we do not settle for just plain “good” – we strive for outstanding!

Our Mission

Our primary goal at Kinetic Grappling is to provide the highest level of self-defense instruction in a clean, fun, family and team-oriented atmosphere. Kinetic Grappling also promotes a high level of fitness and health, with the hope to improve confidence, respectfulness, and integrity. We are dedicated to creating a family-oriented environment that is responsible and responsive to the needs of our members.

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Our Vision

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality martial arts instruction as well as creating an environment that is safe and fun for all members of our community. Our vision is a for our children is to teach discipline and perseverance. We consider these necessary skills to excel in their academic and athletic endeavors. Grappling will improve our children’s cognitive skills increasing their hand-eye coordination, memory and rational thinking. Our program provides a good foundation to help all children become successful teenagers and adults

Meet Our Coaches

Kinetic Grappling has team of coaches that have dedicated their lives to sharing their knowledge and experience with everyone around them. Our coaches teach you not only how to fight but also how to protect yourself, stay mentally sharp and gain confidence in yourself.

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